La Compagnie Chaliwaté: Joséphina

By Julye Huggins

March has been a flurry of Canadian touring for La Compagnie Chaliwaté from Belgium, moving across Québec including Shawinigan (March 9th), Weedon (March 10th), Montréal-Nord (March 15th), Lévis (March 16th), Le Bic (March 17th), Lac-Mégantic (March 23rd) and Vieux St-Jean (March 24th), and a short foray to Victoria in British Columbia (March 20th and 21st).Taking the stage is Joséphina, a show about a curious relationship between a man and a woman. What is portrayed are flashbacks, dreams, memories and desires, which the audience is invited to puzzle together: fantasy or reality. This description on the company’s website may draw you in: “Within the four walls of his small apartment Alfredo is alone and yet someone else is there. ‘That is the mystery, the solution lies in it.’ Caught in the middle of a play with words, body movements, ellipses and clues, the absent and yet omnipresent Joséphina, occupies the space… What happened three months ago? As the physical sequences evolve, words and action never giving it away, fragments of life and intimacy are revealed. What clues should you follow? What should you believe? Movements and sounds intertwine, desperately trying to solve the mystery…”
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