La Belle Danse Baroque Dance Company: An Era of Elegance

By Julye Huggins
Baroque Dance: "O the Pleasure of the Plains!" from Handel's "Acis & Galatea"

Based in Toronto, La Belle Danse Baroque Dance Company mounts opera-ballets, prologues and masques based on European ballroom and theatrical styles of the 17th and 18th centuries. Through teaching and performance, the company fosters an appreciation for this historic art form. Their collaborations with musicians, singers and actors also echo the baroque spirit of amalgamating the arts. This particular group work to George Frideric Handel’s O the Pleasure of the Plains! was choreographed by the company’s director Daniel Gariépy. According to the video’s caption, the piece is based on the 18th century style and “features popular steps and sequences from the era, and also utilizes baroque rhetorical gesture in the middle sequence to accompany and illustrate the sung solos.”The dancers in this video include Jennifer Fell, Melissa Fink, Adrienne Legget and Daniel Gariépy, along with Etienne Lavigne and Patrick Lavoie as special guests from The National Ballet of Canada. Be sure to check out more video clips on their website.

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