Kokoro Dance: Rock my body...

By Julye Huggins
Jay HIrabayashi excerpt from (  )

Running March 2nd through 11th, the Vancouver International Dance Festival presents dance artists from Vancouver, San Francisco, Montréal, Tokyo and Toronto. On the roster is Kokoro Dance, with the butoh solo Rock my body… by Jay Hirabayashi, being performed March 6th through 8th.According to the presenter’s website, the work “responds to new urgencies coming from Jay Hirabayashi’s skin and bones—the passage of time, the endless repetitions of the daily and nightly emergences of the sun and moon, the need to push the body, remembering the ones who are gone, the solace of the blues.”Be sure to check out the March 2010 and Summer Annual 2009 issues of The Dance Current print magazine for items on Kokoro Dance.
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