Khorshid Khanoom Dance Group: Dance Along the Silk Road

By Julye Huggins
Dance Along The Silk Road

The Khorshid Khanoom Dance Group is gearing up to tour its production Dance Along the Silk Road to Toronto October 29th. This Montréal-based company was founded by Aram Bayat in 1988 and has been working to teach, preserve and perform traditional Iranian and Persian folk dance, which was banned in its mother country’s 1979 revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ms. Bayat, a choreographer and teacher, is among those who resisted the censorship and rules of the regime and was forced into exile, lest she face imprisonment or execution. According to a website commemorating the 1980s massacre of Iranian political prisoners, Ms. Bayat left Iran in 1986 and has since worked to conserve the dance culture and to develop her art-making strategies, with subject matter addressing “a variety of issues ranging from cultural identity to personal explorations of gender, sexuality and social political commentary.”Check out the video below to see and excerpt of Forbidden Sun Dance, a short film by Lila Ghobady featuring the story of Ms. Bayat.

Learn more:1980s Massacre

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