Kevin A. Ormsby: Ke-ashe (Interludes Within)

By Julye Huggins
KasheDance - Ke-ashe (Interludes Within)

The March 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a feature entitled “Dancing the African Diaspora in Canada” by Naomi Brand. In a collection of artist profiles we find Kevin A. Ormsby.”First and foremost, I have to agree with Garth Fagan who said: ‘I am an artist first who happens to be black second.’ Being black or from the [African] diaspora should have no impact on the criteria for artistry.” Kevin A. Ormsby, quoted in The Dance Current: Print.Artistic Director of Kashedance, Ormsby is seen here performing Ke-ashe (Interludes Within), which premiered in Toronto last October. According to the company’s website: “The piece explores the need to get back to the inner rhythms that drive us, we often resist these interludes but the realization that the inner interludes / rhythms grounds us and provide interesting insight.” Ormsby’s contemporary vision also draws on a strong company of dancers, including Jasmyn Fyffe, Kerry-Ann Wright, Darcel Frederick, Ian Huggins and Kristina Udegbunam.

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