keep on MOVING: Advice for Dancers

By Julye Huggins
*keep on MOVING* - Being Creative about Finding Work - Panel Discussion Part 9

Back on March 20th, the Dancer Transition Resource Centre (DTRC) hosted a special “keep on MOVING” conference in Toronto geared for emerging artists. The event was meant to address the specific needs of new dance artists who may be looking for support and advice to stay motivated and propel their burgeoning careers. In collaboration with regional and national arts service organizations, the DTRC offered workshops with panelists, established artists and experts.This video highlights an excerpt from a session with artists Lucy Rupert, Apolonia Velasquez, Michael Rubenfeld and Kevin Ormsby addressing resources for marketing and ways of promoting oneself as a dancer. The panelists discuss portfolio, commercial and interdisciplinary opportunities, as well as community arts projects.
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