Karen Jamieson Dance: Sisyphus

By Julye Huggins
"Sisyphus" 1983 Karen Jamieson Dance

Recently uploaded to YouTube, Karen Jamieson’s 1983 version of Sisyphus was named one of the ten Canadian Choreographic Masterpieces of the 20th century by Dance Collection Danse in 2003. The twenty-minute dance film by David Rimmer, from which this video is excerpted, also garnered an award at the New York Dance on Camera Film Festival.The choreography and its physicality are about effort, work, resistance and going against the flow. This vision developed over time while working with the original cast, which included Jamieson, David MacIntyre, Paulette Bibeau, Alison Crawford, Jay Hirabayashi, Lyne Lanthier, Aaron Shields, Tom Stroud, Susan Berganzi, Sal Ferreras, David Hauka, Joyce Ozier and Barbara Clausen. When the work was remounted in 2007, Jamieson approached the choreography in a way that accommodated the new cast (which still included Jamieson, MacIntyre and Hirabayashi from the original group) and even reworked some sections.Jamieson is active this summer in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, running workshops twice weekly, May 25th through July 13th.
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