Kalanidhi International Festival

60th Anniversary of Kalanidhi Fine Arts By Julye Huggins
Kalanidhi International Festival 2013

Just around the corner in Toronto is the Kalanidhi International Festival 2013. This year, the festival’s artistic director Sudha Khandwani celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of Kalanidhi Fine Arts, founded originally in India. Since migrating to Canada twenty-five years ago, Khandwani has presented eleven festivals featuring eight forms of Indian classical dance and other contemporary styles of world dance. This year’s festival offers performances (March 14-16), a symposium (March 16) and a five-day residency in Kalaripayattu (March 13-17).Summarized on the company’s website, “this year’s Festival includes 15 performances spread over three nights by artists and dance companies from India, California, and Toronto. On Saturday March 16th and Sunday March 17th there will be an afternoon Symposium featuring performers speaking about their work and a special presentation on the first 35 years of Kalanidhi in India. There will also be a dance residency in Kalaripayattu which is a martial arts form frequently used in contemporary Indian dance conducted by the two principal dancers of Samudra Performing Arts.”Highlighted performances include:- The Canadian premiere of the internationally acclaimed Samudra Performing Arts from Kerala, India (contemporary Indian dance based on bharatanatyam, kalaripayattu and aerial dance)- Acclaimed Los Angeles dancer Amrapali Ambegaokar (kathak)- A solo performance by India’s masterful Vaibhav Arekar (bharatanatyam)- World-renowned Sujata Mohapatra (odissi)- Toronto’s InDance (bharatanatyam)- The world premiere of With You Between Us by Toronto’s Hemant and Vaishai Panwar (kathak)- Menaka Thakkar’s Gita Govinda, with live streaming beyond Toronto
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