Kaha:wi Dance Theatre: Workshop with Charles Koroneho

By Julye Huggins
Kaha:wi Dance Theatre ADT 2012 - Interview with Charles Koroneho

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s Aboriginal Dance Training recently began classes, running August 7th through 31st at Canada’s National Ballet School in Toronto. The intensive program offers classes in ballet, contemporary, cultural dances, company repertoire and dance practice lectures. This year, it also feature alternative training workshops in Muscle & Bone, Gaga and a choreographic lab led by Charles Koroneho.The work is geared to stimulate dance and theatre artists from all cultural backgrounds “to increase exposure and investigation into Indigenous dance forms both traditional and contemporary.” According to Kaha:wi’s website, the training “offers a combination of western-based dance and Indigenous dance techniques/styles complemented by alternative training systems that are aimed to activate and prepare the body and mind for movement and performance.”Moreover, Planet IndigenUS is about to launch August 10th through 19th, with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre giving the North American premiere of Susuriwka - Willow Bridge at Harbourfront Centre. Also part of the festival lineup, Koroneho will be holding a technique workshop, performance, and discussion of Indigenous creative practice in Brantford on August 13th.
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