Kaha:wi Dance Theatre: Medicine Bear

By Julye Huggins

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre recently released these video exerpts of its latest work Medicine Bear, which was co-produced with the Woodland Cultural Centre. Intended for young audiences, Medicine Bear uses song, dance, storytelling and imagery to weave together two traditional Iroquois stories: the story of how the bear clan became the “Keeper of the Medicines”, and the story of the hunter who discovered the gift of medicine. It features Iroquoian singers and songwriters Elizabeth Hill, Cam Hill and Santee Smith (artistic director), as well as dancers Michael Caldwell, Emily Law and Mariana Medellin-Meinke.Be sure to catch one of its upcoming performances in 2012. You can also book Kaha:wi Dance Theatre workshops for your school through the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga.
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