Kaha:wi Dance Theatre: Here on Earth

By Julye Huggins
Santee Smith at NMAI

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre is set for a short Ontario tour including North Bay May 27th and London June 4th. The company will be presenting Santee Smith’s work Here On Earth, which is rooted in Iroquoian belief and follows four primal beings’ transforming journeys from the Sky to the Earth.According to descriptions on the company’s website: “They thrive in the world of the seen and the unseen, real and intangible, of past, present, future. Time stands still as dancers become shamans transforming from humans to animals. Moving through shape and form, they unite in ritual expression, inhabiting the land of the spirits: animal, plant and human. […] For a moment spirit, earth, sky and dream are captured in image, shape and sound – and the potential for nightmares, too: the alienation and dysfunction caused when we ignore our mystical connection with the land.”
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