Kaeja d'Dance: Olive Avenue Flock Landing

By Mikaela Demers
Kaeja d'Dance: Olive Av Flock Landing

This past summer Kaeja d’Dance transported contemporary dance from the stage to performances on the porches and streets of the Seaton Village area in Toronto. Growing from this concept, titled Porch View Dances, co-artistic directors Karen and Allen Kaeja are now inviting the public to take part in the new Flock Landing experiential performances from October 7th through 28th. With no registration or previous training required, participants are guided through the choreographed movement by Kaeja d’Dance artists Meryem Alaoui, Kate Knox, Lua Shayenne, Liisa Smith, Kaitlin Torrance, Julia Wyncoll and Karen Kaeja. Also, recently recognized in the dance community, Kaeja d’Dance is currently a nominated finalist for the Rosco Floors I Love Dance Community Award. The I Love Dance Awards will be presented at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa on October 21st.
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