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Jazzy Alix's Winning Performance


Jazzy Alix won first place in the elite division at the sixth annual North American Pole Dance Championships in July. The event was held in in Chicago and marks another major win for the Québec aerialist and dancer. “Instead of concentrating on the technical difficulty,” Jazzy said in a press release, “I wanted to come back and focus on the dance. The challenge was to blend dance and technical pole elements to create a choreographed number, rather than a gymnastic number. I wanted to present something that embodied me.”

The North American Pole Dance Championships were established in 2011 and aim to be the first professional pole dance competition in the American Midwest region.

Jazzy Alix (not her real name) discovered pole fitness in 2012 after moving to Montréal from France to pursue her PhD in material science. The twenty-seven-year-old began competing in 2014 and is a teacher at Milan Pole Dance Studio in Montréal. Learn more >> milanpoledance.com

Video by Debra Reid.

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