Jacob Niedzwiecki: Who by Fire

By Mikaela Demers
Buck 65 - "Who By Fire" - Official Video

This week, musician Buck 65 released the official video for his song Who by Fire featuring Jenn Grant. The director of the video, a Toronto-based choreographer and filmmaker, Jacob Niedzwiecki investigates microrhythm and the useability for dancers to use small divisions of notes as opposed to the more common “half counts”. Through a number of studies done by Niedzwiecki and the use of earphones with individual tempos, a series of interesting patterns emerge from the work. Performers include Gerald Situ, Adrian Anh Nguyen, Mateo Galindo Torres, Bradley Powell, Marissa Parzei, Tyler Gledhill, Sarah Koekkoek, Luke Garwood, Michael Caldwell, Shannon Litzenberger, Jones Henry, Louis Laberge-Côté, Martine Lusignan, John Ottmann and Johanna Bergfelt.The video premiered on Monday, February 4th, partaking in the Dance on Camera Film Festival located at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, hosted by the Dance Films Association (DFA). The DFA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and produces facilities and opportunities for dance film. They also support and educate the public and different institutions in realm of dance film. Jacob Niedzwiecki is a combination of coding and dance. In his professional career in dance, Niedzwiecki performed with The National Ballet of Canada before leaving to work as a creator. In addition to choreographing for a number of companies, Niedzwiecki has also produced a body of short dance films, worked in theatrical projection and coded a number of iPhone apps and choreographic tools.
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