iTMOi OFF - Akram Khan Company


British contemporary choreographer Akram Khan brings his new company work, iTMOi (in the mind of Igor), to Montréal October 30-November 1. Presented by Danse Danse, iTMOi is inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s apporach to musial composition. “In this work, I am interested in the dynamics of how Stravinsky transformed the classical world of music by evoking emotions through patterns, rather than through expression, and these patterns were rooted in the concept of a woman dancing herself to death. This approach is a huge inspiration to me. But in a sense I hope to reinvestigate it, not just through patterns, as Stravinsky did, but also through exploring the human condition. A rupture in the mind, a death in the body, and a birth in the soul, all remind us that the mind and imagination are wild and self-generating. In addition, to be creating this work with three different composers, Nitin Sawhney, Jocelyn Pook and Ben Frost, allows us to discover many different sound-worlds, using stravinsky as the key, the guide, the map,” writes Khan.

Khan was featured in last year’s November/December issue when he was in Toronto performing his solo DESH.



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