Ingrid Nilson Collective: Welcome to my Wake

By Julye Huggins
Welcome To My Wake - Dance Sequence

The Vancouver International Fringe Festival is about to get rolling, September 6th through 16th. With a sprinkling of dance in the mix, we find Welcome to my Wake by the Ingrid Nilson Collective (INC), with a ten-show run in the Emily Carr parking garage on Granville Island.Her work is listed as a mash-up of comedy, dance, cabaret and performance art - all seeking to deliver an enlightening experience born out of a vulnerable place: one’s bucket list. It’s a celebration of life and surprises, and actively chasing the things you’ve always wanted to do. Noted in the program guide: “In the smallness of a sequestered parking lot, be part of dreams coming true.” On the inside track, this video instructs the dance moves for a flash mob that will take place during the show.
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