Inertia Productions: The Duck Wife

By Julye Huggins
Inertia Productions - The Duck Wife

Montréal’s Inertia Productions is back, hitting the Fringe Festivals in Montréal (June 12-19), Ottawa (June 20-27), Toronto (July 1-10) and Edmonton (August 13-21) this summer with their “Dance Rock Opera re-telling of an Inuit Folk-tale.” According to the company’s website the story of The Duck Wife, “follows an Inuit youth who ventures across a dreamlike landscape to recover his wife, who has flown off in a fury. It is a grand journey inhabited by a spirit fox, a treacherous mountain, and mischievous creatures. […] The original The Duck Wife folk-tale was recorded by anthropologist Diamond Jenness in the western Arctic during the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913.”Nearly 100 years later, this colourfully modern re-telling brings together a creative team and nine performers hailing from New York, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa and Montréal. Choreographer Jenn Doan of New York draws on contemporary dance, urban styles and physical theatre to create the surreal Arctic atmosphere and curious animal characters. The show also features the live rock band Grub Animal from Brooklyn. Also starring are Joseph Bembridge, Ted Strauss, Melina Stinson, Jeremie Chetrit, Audrée Southière, Brian Abbott, Randa Eid and Boss Nod.

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