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India Jazz Suites: Pandit Chitresh Das and Jason Samuels Smith

By Julye Huggins

Touring up to Ontario this month, India Jazz Suites (also known as Fastest Feet in Rhythm) features San Fransisco-based Pandit Chitresh Das (of Chitresh Das Dance Company) and New York’s Jason Samuels Smith (of Divine Rhythm Productions). Their run of shows hit Markham (April 11), St. Catherines (April 12), Kingston (April 14) and Brampton (April 16).According to the CDDC website, Chitresh Das is among India’s foremost kathak masters, and the Emmy-award winning Samuels Smith is touted among the fastest tappers in the world. Described as “a blast of incredible speed and power, grace and beauty, epic storytelling and the pure joy of dance, ” the show was acclaimed by the San Francisco Chronicle as the #1 dance performance of 2005, and received the Isadora Duncan Dance Award for Best Ensemble Performance of the year.
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