inDANCE: Inverse

By Julye Huggins

Specially created for Bravo!FACT, this short dance film by director Billie Mintz features Hari Krishnan’s new site-specific choreography Inverse. The content is derived from a fifteen-minute theatrical stage show from 2006, which was performed in both Canada and the United States. Ideas of individuality and community are explored as the different cultures of his four dancers (Beth Despres, Hiroshi Miyamoto, Masumi Sato and Kamen Wang) relate in movement. Krishnan writes to DancePassort: “intersecting specific gestures from Bharatanatyam dance with more full bodied movements from contemporary dance in an edgy guerrilla-type environment, [I looked] at the way dancers carve through public and private spaces, creating tension between unseen points.” On November 30th Krishnan appeared as part of New York City’’s prestigious Fridays at Noon dance series, and curated the event (a first for Canadian choreographers). The event was entitled “We Are the World! Redefining Contemporary Dance from a Global Perspective” and Krishnan further presented three works-in-progress.For more on Hari Krishnan, be sure to check out the October 2007 issue of The Dance Current print magazine, and stay tuned for an article in the January/February issue.
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