inDANCE: Fallen Rain

By Julye Huggins
Fallen Rain - Canadian Premiere - October 1 and 2, 2011

Coming up October 1st and 2nd in Toronto, Hari Krishnan’s contemporary Indian dance company inDANCE presents the Canadian premiere of Fallen Rain. According to the company’s website, the work is inspired by courtesan performance traditions in the South Indian state Tamil Nadu (particularly the Kaveri delta region) and the coastal region of the Andhra state.”The work includes the presentation of entire dance genres such as salam-sabdam and Tanjavuri lavani that are rarely seen today, plus a number of songs […] that have all but disappeared from modern practice. The performance also includes the use of uncommon abstract dance movements (adavus), gestures (mudras), and improvisational technique (sandhi viccheda sanchari), ” which they learned from master artists in the traditional communities. Notably, the current prince of Tanjavur, His Highness Babaji Bhosale, commissioned a presentation of Fallen Rain at the ancient Tanjavur palace, where in the nineteenth century, these dances were customarily performed. Tanjavur is historically the royal city in the state of Tamil Nadu, and is known as the birthplace of bharatanatyam dance.
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