IDO World Tap Dance Championships: Team Canada

By Julye Huggins
2012 IDO World Tap Dance Championships -- Canada Senior Group Semi Finals -- Sweet Georgia Brown

Last month, December 4th through 8th, the 2012 IDO World Tap Dance Championships took place is Riesa, Germany. Several Canadians took to the stage in a variety of categories for children, juniors and adults, including male and female solos, duos, trios, small groups, formations and large production. This video highlights Everett Smith’s Sweet Georgia Brown, a choreography for the formations category, set on the twenty-four members of the senior group from Team Canada, seen here in the semi finals (and ranking seventh of fifteen competitors).Other notable Canadian performances include the children’s duet of Colby Pilling and Rhyanne Zurstegge (bronze), Sachin Beepath’s male junior solo (gold) and Brianna Visconti’s female children’s solo female (gold).
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