Human Playground's Auto-Fiction

Auto Fiction Preview


Auto-Fiction, a highly physical work for public space, created by Montréal-based Human Playground in 2009 involves two dancers, one car and a playlist of electronic music. The contemporary dance is featured at this year’s inaugural FLUX London Dance Festival, taking place May 22-25. In the 30-minute piece, choreographed by Milan Gervais, the dancers glide across and through a parked vehicle in a form of urban acrobatics. Auto-Fiction is part of FLUX’s In the Park series on May 24, a series that aims to showcase contemporary dance in more casual settings. Other works in the series include: In A Single Bound by AKA Dance, BoB by Femmes du Feu and Water Body by Gerry Trentham performed by Lacey Smith. The festival also includes site-specific dance, a mainstage series and workshops for the community. 



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