HSBC City of Bhangra: Celebrate the Harvest

By Julye Huggins
VIBC 2012 HSBC City of Bhangra: Celebrate the Harvest

The Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (VIBC) recently hosted its eighth annual HSBC City of Bhangra Festival, which ran May 31st through June 10th. Among the events, Celebrate the Harvest, one of the most prominent bhangra competitions in North America was held June 2nd. As more competitions have begun to spring up, catering to adult competitors, VIBC has turned its focus toward youth, and their needs for performance opportunities, workshops and mentoring.The event also highlights cross-cultural collaboration between communities. As noted on the festival’s website: “In partnership with the Surrey India Arts Club and Jewish Cultural Centre, this year’s event will feature a number of key collaborations and performances between the Israeli folk dance and Punjabi folk arts communities as Hava Nagila meets Bhangra on stage!”This year’s participants included DRS Bboy Crew, Punjabi Beat Girls Bhangra, Phulkari: Shan E Punjab Gidha, Punjab Arts Club Junior Boys Bhangra, Surrey India Arts Club (including a bhangra workshop), Surrey Folk Bhangra Club, Shan E Punjab Little Stars Bhangra, Shan E Punjab Girls, University of Fraser Valley Bhangra, Surrey India Arts/Jewish Collaboration and Panj Boys Bhangra.
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