House of Nuance Performance Battles

Bizarre Ball @ Buddies - Performance
Born out of Harlem, voguing and ball culture have been in and out of the spotlight since the 1980s. In Canada, the ball scene is much newer but plenty fierce. For the opening event of Toronto’s WorldStage Festival on February 1, the House of Nuance – founded in 2012 – presents the #artlive Vogue BallMother Trouble Nuance (a.k.a. Matt Sweet) is featured in the January/February 2014 issue discussing voguing – its history, its influences and where it’s at today. This video of last year’s Bizarre Ball at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is a perfect example of the boisterous energy of the balls and just what you’re missing if you’ve yet to discover the ballroom scene. To learn more, get yourself a copy of the current issue on Voguing and Its Discontents


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