By Emma Kerson
Brasstronaut "Hawk"Video produced by Anthem Jackson
Video produced by Anthem Jackson


Here’s a throwback to 1977 when Maud Van Breemen’s short 16mm film Pink, featuring her husband, Casey Van Breemen, stood as a beautiful, whimsical and quirky opposition to some of the slasher films of the day. Now, forty years later, Hawk performed by the band Brasstronaut, which includes the Van Breemen’s son, Edo, is the score for a tribute to Pink in which artists from multiple mediums reimagined the film.

Included amongst the visual artists, animators, painters, writers and typography compositors, is Vancouver-based dance collective OURO who use hip hop, waacking, breaking, popping and contemporary dance in their creative works.  When asked how they went about creatively reinterpreting the film, they said, “There was so much movement from the original video, it gave us a lot to work from. We chose images and interpreted them into our own quirky, weird personifications.”

The new video was shown in an art gallery in Vancouver as a surprise to the Van Breemens. “There was a certain warmth to working on this project,” says OURO. “It felt like we were being let in on something personal and meaningful.” 

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