HATAW Explores Filipino Folk Dance from a Canadian Perspective

By Rachel Silver Maddock


The dance troupe HATAW fuses diverse dance styles and performance art to interpret traditional Filipino folk culture from a Canadian-Filipino perspective. Since premiering in 2014, the group of forty female dancers has been featured on CBC, AGO First Thursday and ROM Friday Night Live.

HATAW will be the headline performers for the KULTURA Filipino Arts Festival, a multi-day event running August 5-7 that celebrates contemporary expression of Filipino culture through performance, culinary arts and cultural fashion. It is organized by the KAPISANAN Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture, and last year’s festival attracted over 15,000 attendees.

The troupe will also perform at SummerWorks festival in High Blood, a work that “explores the roles that colonization, superstition and indigenous ritual play in Philippine culture,” as stated on the SummerWorks website. High Blood is a collaboration with DATU, a Canadian-Filipino electronic R&B pop act.

SummerWorks festival was founded in 1991 to present national and international theatre, dance, music and live art, and the festival annually brings together over 500 performing artists in over sixty projects.

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