Happy Feet: Freestyling in Toronto

By Julye Huggins
Rangers - No Ratchets HF Ent

The spring weather has been favourable for street dancers recently. The crew Happy Feet Ent. recently posted this video from their escapades in downtown Toronto, featuring Slim Picture (John Samuels), Abstract (Shanon Samuels), Toon Kake (Sheldon), Blake West and Fro DreamCast. Their company profile notes their freestyling and choreographic fusions of tutting, jerking, breaking, footwork, popping, dougie and complex ground work. Along with dancing, they also bring their acting, singing and lyricist talents to the table.Coming up April 9th through 13th, Happy Feet will be among the competing crews in Much Music’s TV program New.Music.Live. For five episodes, crews will battle for the title of “N.M.L.’s Best Dance Crew” - a project celebrating the new season of the hit show America’s Best Dance Crew.
Learn more:Happy Feet Ent.’s Facebook Page

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