Hana Awase Sansa

Komachi Montreal
Hana Awase sansa


Komachi Montréal is a Japanese folk dance troupe that specializes in traditional folk music called Min’yō. The company was founded in 2007 by Kayo Yasuhara, who was a principal dancer for Ensemble Matsu Také and an active member of the Japanese drum group, Arashi Daiko of Montréal, for several years. Through the teachings of Mrs. Kayo Yasuhara, the ensemble learns dances that have been passed down for centuries in Japan.

Komachi Montréal’s art expresses the joys of hard work, dance and celebration. Their hope is to show audiences the great diversity of Japanese culture. 

See them perform Okuni, a new work by Kayo Yasuhara, at Studio 303 in Montréal March 18-20.

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