Haley Ma: Break Perceptions

By Mikaela Demers
Wei Ming - Dance is Life

Haley Ma is a Canadian student based out of Toronto but currently studying in Central Saint Martins in London, UK, and producing a range of art work. His mediums stretching from photography to design and fine art are currently investigating dance. Working in particular with Wei Ming Yuan and Wei Dong Yuan of Uniteam and Unity Charity, Ma has researched breaking culture and is now in the middle of producing a personal project. This work is showcased on YouTube, and this video is the first in a five-part series. Working with a total of five bboys and bgirls from Toronto, Break Perceptions aims to both highlight different aspects of the art as well as feature Toronto flavour. Using Ma’s creativity, the video concentrates on the form, beauty and ability to communicate through breaking. Layered on top of the video and its beat, is the dancer’s voice. The personal reflections on breaking become one of the film’s most enhancing elements. Using his training, Ma also focuses on cinematic aspects such as lighting, composition and location for the film. Ma won the Toronto Lens Award at the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) in 2012 with his video Bboy Brothers (2011), also in collaboration with the Yuan brothers. Ma credits Jonathan Pang, Terence Ho, Kenneth Vinyaratn and Abi To with technical assistance in this project, as well as his beat producer Switch.
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