Guillaume Côté: King of the Dance

By Julye Huggins
Behind the Scenes with the Kings of The Dance

The September 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a profile of the sweethearts of The National Ballet of Canada, “Heather Ogden & Guillaume Côté: Partners on stage and off.”“Ogden is known for her laser-sharp technique and delicate appearance; Côté, for his bravura leaps and artistic temperment. Together, as Dana Glassman pointed out in her National Post review of the pair in Swan Lake, ‘they just keep bringing out the best in each other.’” By Kathleen M. Smith, The Dance Current: Print, September 2010.Earlier this year, Côté was on tour with the critically-acclaimed Kings of the Dance, which for its second season has touched down in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and the United States. The innaugural season of 2007/08 featured some of the most acclaimed classical, modern and contemporary dancers from around the world, including David Hallberg (USA), Jose Manuel Carreño (Cuba), Joaquin De Luz (Spain), and Nikolay Tsiskaridze (Russia). Côté joined the ranks this season along with Marcelo Gomes (Brazil) and Dennis Matvienko (Ukraine). This all-star cast hit the stage with choreography by Frederick Ashton, Leonid Jacobson, Nacho Duato, Roland Petit, David Fernandez, Adam Hougland, Boris Eifman and Christopher Wheeldon.
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