The Great Farini Project

Hand to hand with Farini and Blondin in The Great Farini Project


Choreographer Sharon B. Moore, whose work is featured in “The Greatest Show on Earth: Redefining Circus for the Twenty-First Century” by Molly Johnson in the July/August 2014  issue of The Dance Current, premiered The Great Farini Project at the Enwave Theatre in September 2010 as a part of Harbourfront Centre’s NextSteps Dance series. Dancers Brian Solomon and Brendan Wyatt star as The Great Farini and The Great Blondin, two rivals in the world of circus performance. Though Farini and Blondin never met in real life, their characters do onstage, with Solomon and Wyatt constantly one-upping each other with their tricks – both on the ground and in the air. The Farini Project uses Sven Johansson’s ES Dance Instrument, a rig that can be attached to a performer, to help Solomon levitate, dancing through the air just as he would on the stage.

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