Gibson Muriva: Sisi

By Julye Huggins
Sisi, une chorégraphie de Gibson Muriva

Tomorrow as part of Festival Vue sur la Relève at Maison de la culture Frontenac in Montréal, Gibson Muriva presents his work Sisi, which he performs with his fellow dancers Jenny Brizard, Ghislaine Doté, Fernanda Leal and Émilie Tremblay.According to the company’s website, Muriva shares “the story of his four sisters, confined by their gender, culture, and the HIV epidemic that afflicts Zimbabwe.” Told from the perspective of a refugee, Sisi (meaning sister in the Shona language) reflects upon oppression of women in Africa and calls us “to do right by our mothers and sisters in all corners of the world, who may not be allowed to choose for themselves.” The physicality of the choreography is both grounded and uplifting, fusing African dance traditions with ballet, jazz and contemporary aesthetics.

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