George Stamos: Cloak

By Julye Huggins
George Stamos - Cloak @ Agora de la danse

The October issue of The Dance Current print magazine features a profile on George Stamos and his newest duet, Cloak, which premieres tonight and runs through October 9th at L’Agora de la Danse in Montréal. “Cloak explores the myriad identities that we wear like costumes throughout our lives. The dancers alternately don and doff costume layers, facial coverings and accessories including large balloon breasts and bunny ears.” By Chris Dupuis, The Dance Current: Print, October 2010.This video features Stamos and his long-time collaborator Luciane Pinto in a preview of Cloak. Very much a collective effort, this work also includes video projections by intermedia artist Dayna McLeod, who comments in the article on what it is like to work with Stamos: “George really trusts his collaborators … He allows you to really experiment and tweak things until they are just right.” Echoing these views, Pinto expressed that, “I love working with George because he really understands what it is like to be a dancer in the creative process. He’s very open to hear my perspective as a collaborator.”
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