Genée International Ballet Competition

Antwerp 2014 By Deanne Kearney
Genée 2014 Antwerp


The Genée International Ballet Competition, one of the world’s most prestigious ballet competitions, will return home to London this year from September 16-19, 2015. First held in 1931, the competition invites talented young dancers trained in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus from around the world to compete. This year, in an effort to increase opportunities for competitors, the RAD has introduced the Darcey Bussell Genée Bursaries to help competitors across the world in need of financial support. The RAD has committed to giving between five to ten bursaries of a minimum of £1,500 per year for the next five years.

The Genées last took place in Toronto in 2008 with Nicole Ciapponi of Surrey, B.C., taking the silver medal. Ciapponi is now a dancer in the corps de ballet of the San Francisco Ballet. Hopefully with these new bursaries more Canadian stars will be able to attend the prestigious ballet competition in the future.

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