Funk Fo Yo Feet: Fantastic Poppers Anniversary Event

By Julye Huggins
New Funk Fo Yo Feet Promo Video 2005 -2006

This past Saturday, the Fantastic Poppers crew celebrated its 15th anniversary with the 9th annual Funk Fo Yo Feet, a popping and locking dance event with battles, panel discussions, workshops (waacking, locking, popping, boogaloo and tutting) and an after party. Guest judges included Jr Boogaloo (USA), Pringlez from Venus Fly Trap (USA) and Gemini from Locking4life (France). This video features highlights from 2005 and 2006 with a variety of styles including locking, popping, waving, boogaloo, street dance, hip hop and funk.
Learn more:Funk Fo Yo Feet (Facebook Event)

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