frost flowers/arctic death machine

double headed axe


Two years ago, dancer, creator, musician and performance artist Nancy Sandercock released a video of stills, an initial sketch of frost flowers. This video brings the stills to life before Sandercock’s Edmonton premiere this week with Brian Wedd Dance Company

The fate of the doomed Franklin expedition of 1845 was one of the greatest mysteries in recorded Canadian history. For dancer, creator, musician and performance artist Nancy Sandercock, it acts as a catalyst for a creative metaphor. In the Edmonton-based artist’s latest work, frost flowers/arctic death machine, buried stories are unearthed and a human craving for the mystical is contemplated through an interactive installation that combines theatre, dance and experimental music. Concepts of absence and presence, isolation and introspection are pondered not only in regards to the historic expedition, but also in relation to the individual. Presented by Alberta’s Brian Webb Dance Company (BWDC), frost flowers is a collaboration between visual artist Blair Brennan, composer Dave Wall, BWDC interpreters and is the latest of many creative partnerships between Sandercock and Webb. Taking inspiration from the Norwegian Black Metal subculture of the 1990s, the myth of the underground city of Agartha, ghillie camouflage suits worn by American survivalists and the ephemeral frost flower – a nod to the evanescence of dance – frost flowers invites the audience on a rousing, and sometimes dark, journey through Canada’s North. 

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