Frequency: World Premiere by Yvonne Ng

By Julye Huggins

Coming up March 8th through 11th (with a preview March 7th), the Toronto-based company tiger princess dance projects will present two world premieres by Yvonne Ng: the ensemble work Frequency and its offspring Untitled Solo, which is positioned in the double-bill programme as an introductory narrative to the group piece. Ng will be performing the solo, while the ensemble work features Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate, Amy Hampton, Meredith Thompson and Brendan Wyatt.According to the press release, Ng’s experiences in Labrador in 2003 “catalyzed her investigation of how traditions and cultural practices evolve and how changes in technology effects the way they are transmitted from one generation to the next.” Her work Frequency addresses social tension and cohesion around group dynamics, particularly with issues of varying social stratification and diversity. The struggle for connection is further entangled with an overlap of old and new technologies, from cassette players to smart phones. “Individual frequencies clash, mingle and synchronize in a collective peak.” Another notable feature of the performance arises out of Ng’s interest in confusing the distinction between onstage and offstage: “Scenes blur the line between performance and reality, with dancers transitioning in and out of their ‘onstage’ personas.”Be sure to check out the Summer Annual 2006 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on Yvonne Ng.
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