Forsythe: Sophisticated Crime

By Julye Huggins
Parov Stelar - Catgroove (TSC - Forsythe)

YouTube phenomenon takeSomeCrime has been posting since the fall of 2007 and has quite a following. According to the profile on Agency 4 Artists, his background in karate (paired with a video camera and a little music) kick-started his exploration between movement and music. He soon turned to YouTube to find other dance styles and became fascinated with French styles of electro dance, such as tecktonic and milky way (and particularly Spoke from team SMDB). His bio notes: “He was fascinated, specifically by the unconventional and sexualized (but still masculine) use of hip movements, which later became the foundation of his dance.” His work was then further inspired by breakdance, popping, locking and bokko dance, as well as dances of the 1920s such as charleston, quickstep, swing and lindy hop. Self-taught between videos and a mirror, his styling amalgamates a range of vocabularies and has begun to take on three distinct flavours. To each style, the dancer has attributed himself an alter ego (and has even hosted a battle between them). The first is Forsythe, who often performs to the electroswing music of Parov Stelar with classy gentleman style - this dance entitled Sophisticated Crime suggests that the style may be called “criming” should it catch on. The second is Ogg Voldo, who seems to be attributed to more creative theatrical choices. The third is Guile, who as one fan describes “is always willing to pelvic thrust and take his shirt off.” Be sure to check out more of his YouTube postings to get a feel for all three.
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