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Forms of Movement: Peter Randazzo

By Julye Huggins

Ontario’s public educational media organization TVO posted this video of 26-year-old Peter Randazzo at work with David Earle and Amelia Itcush for his work Continuum (1969). The series, Arts Now: The Creative Environment, was geared to introduce senior students to interesting and innovative artists in the community, with the hopes of inspiring them to reflect on and experiment with concepts of art that were discussed. The program provided this great platform for Randazzo to address the medium of dance as an art form and explain his process and inspirations. According to the video description, “the work of modern artists not only influences the environment in which they live, but often draws its inspiration from that environment. … Their essential statement is that people should become more aware of the world around them.”According to the video description, Randazzo was lauded as “one of Toronto’s top dancers, ” which in hindsight is a bit of an understatement of his impact on dance in Canada. At the time, he was both an esteemed modern dance performer and a burgeoning choreographer, and in 1968 co-founded Toronto Dance Theatre with Patricia Beatty and David Earle. Should this type of historical content interest you, you may want to check out:- Dance Collection Danse’s web exhibition: David Earle: A Choreographic Biography- The Dance Current News obituary: Amelia Itcush (1945-2011)- Toronto Dance Theatre’s brief summary: TDT: The First 25 Years
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