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Shawn Bracke's PROSE
PROSE - Film by Shawn Bracke

Shawn Bracke creates story-based movement for stage, film and television. Through his choreography he aims to inspire audiences to think critically and feel deeply. Immersed in the commercial and concert dance worlds, Bracke’s training in contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and vernacular styles are used to create heightened emotional states within his work. He has worked with: Much Music MMVAs, We Day, YTV the Zone, ABC televsion, BBC television, Toronto Short Film Festival, Converse and Bud Light.

PROSE is a screendance collaboration loosely based on the romanticized story of Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr and plays with the idea of keeping a calm composure when faced with overwhelming pressure.

When asked about the work’s relationship to text, Bracke notes:

“It is said that during Allen Ginsberg’s formative years at Columbia University his writing took a form without metrical structure or prose. It is rumoured that because of his internal conflict with social perception of his sexuality, his work was delayed the critical acclaim it deserved. This film is a commentary on that notion. The desired look for the editing and choice of shots was made to reflect a free form – similar to prose as a writing style.”

Choreographer: Shawn Bracke
DOP: Steve Icy Senga
Dancers: Samuel Davilmar, Roney Lewis, Jake Poloz, Griffyn Crespeigne, Tyler Hutchings, Chris Tsiantoulas, Ben Tracz
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