Fondation de danse Margie Gillis

The Light Between By Julye Huggins
Margie Gillis (Montreal) - The Light Between

Running March 26th through 30th in Montréal, Fondation de danse Margie Gillis presents The Light Between. The show will tour to London, Ontario, on November 9th and Toronto on November 12th and 13th.Gillis, recipient of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for lifetime artistic achievement, collaborates with Marc Daigle, Paola Styron and Holly Bright to create a collection of solos, duets and trios unfolding in a modular stage set by internationally renowned painter and sculptor Randal Newman. Further described on the website of Place des Arts, “Light and luminous, the piece is a revelation of all the hope that is so much a part of poignant human vulnerability. Fluid and deeply moving.”Be sure to check out the April 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an item on Margie Gillis.
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