Floating Construct

by Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh
Floating Construct


Floating Construct by Peter Chin and Jeremy Mimnagh premiered in 2012, first at Bravo!FACT.com and then at the ReelWorld Film Festival. It is a duet between dancer and city, between Chin and Toronto, with music by Chin, Erin Donovan, Mark Duggan, Jennifer Moore, Rebecca Van der Post and Meran Currie-Roberts. Chin was born of mixed parentage – Chinese, Irish and Afro-Caribbean – in Jamaica in 1962 before moving to Toronto in 1964. His art, according to his website, has a “view of the world as one place, questioning how diversity of all things can be meaningfully contemplated as one, notions of cultural fluidity, how fragments can be put back together, how the cultures of original peoples can be acknowledged, embraced, and how their loss of integrity speaks compellingly to us.” 

Since 2012, Chin has been actively choreographing in Toronto and abroad. Running until April 18, Chin premieres new work for Toronto Dance Theatre on a double bill with Toronto’s Susie Burpee (see A Mass Becomes You by Burpee below). Learn more here



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