Festival des Traditions du Monde: Amrita Dance Creations

By Julye Huggins
RHYTHMS OF INDIA BY Amrita Dance Creations at Festivale Tradition du Monde 2012

Earlier this summer at the Festival des Traditions du Monde in Sherbrooke, August 8th through 12th, Amrita Dance Creations presented Rhythms of India, featuring Indian sacred, Sufi, gypsy and bollywood dance.According to her biography, Amrita Choudhury is trained in Indian classical sacred dance styles, such as odissi and bharatanatyam, as well as various folkloric, gypsy and tribal dance traditions of India (from Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Bengal, etc.). She has also trained in Irish step dancing, flamenco, oriental dance, salsa, yoga, bollywood and various African dance styles. In turn, her teaching and performing have taken her to Asia, Europe, Central America, the United States and Canada over the past twenty-eight years. She also holds a degree in anthropology and continues her research in dance, seeking to create a dialogue between cultures. Her holistic approach to teaching has led her to the creation of Nritya Yoga, as well as emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of Indian dance.
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