Festival Accès Asie: From Sci-Fi Dance Rock Opera to Belly Dance

Reportage -- la danse orientale à Montréal


From May 1 to May 18, Festival Accès Asie in Montréal will showcase Asian cultural heritage with works from artists in performance, music and culinary arts. This year dance will feature prominently. On May 8, the festival will host a belly dance competition raqs sharqi, which seeks to challenge dancers and share the history and social reality of the dance as both entertainment and an ancient art form. In addition, the festival’s program includes the long-term multimedia project Iredea, produced by the Montréal rock band and dance company Woo Me Myth. The work is a dance rock opera inspired by the writings of the acclaimed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, exploring struggles between humans in a post-apocalyptic world.

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