Feel the Inukness: Short Film by Becky Qilavvaq

By Julye Huggins
Feel the Inukness

This quirky short film by Iqaluit filmmaker Becky Qilavvaq has caught a wave of viewers around YouTube recently. Feel the Inukness stars actor Anguti Johnston step dancing around Iqaluit to a Celtic jig, which is said to be similar to the footwork at Inuit celebrations. The work was well received by youth in the town, and Qilavvaq was awarded Ajjitt Media’s emerging filmmaker of the year.In an interview with Nunatsiaq Online, Qilavvaq spoke of a deeper message in the work: “It’s about being ourselves and embracing who we are … The message is essentially about not giving into the pressure to conform. … It’s difficult for a lot of Inuit with all the change we’ve lived in recent decades.” Working with video is a fairly new medium for Inuit artists, and Qilavvaq is making the best of her handheld video camera. Not only is she offering “modern representations of Inuit culture” to youth in the community, but also for the rest of us to see as well.
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