Faux Solo

By Brittany Duggan
FAUX SOLO | Dance Short Film


It’s all in the details for dancer, choreographer, and now producer, Ralph Escamillan. That’s what the Vancouver-based artist most enjoyed about making his first dancefilm with the FORM (Festival of Recorded Movement) Film Festival Commission Fund. 

In thinking about what the viewer is seeing,” Escamillan tells The Dance Current, ”dance on film allows me to continue questioning why I use dance and in what meaningful way I can contribute not just another ‘cool’ dancefilm, but one that’s rooted in the details.”

Faux Solo is the collaborative work of director Nancy Lee, director of photography Sepehr Samimi, sound designer Stefan Seslija with costumes by the Lululemon Lab. 

Costumes are a point of inspiration and what drives this short solo.

“I’m interested in the narrative and exploration of identity through costume, sound and space. And because the body can sometimes be seen as neutralized, without any recognizable narratives, this film played with how the body accumulates information and how we cope with this.”

Escamillan is in the process of sharing Faux Solo with film festivals and in the future hopes to do more work on film, but he is pretty busy as an independent dancer in the short-term. His upcoming schedule has him touring nationally and internationally with Major Motion Picture by Out Innerspace Theatre, to Australia with Company 605 and to the Philippines with Co.ERASGA. 

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