Falling: The Journey of Jeff Hall

By Julye Huggins
Behind the scenes of Falling

This weekend, Bravo!FACT is airing a thirty minute episode featuring containR, a green cinema in Vancouver that houses free screenings of Canadian and International dance, sport and performance films. Five commissioned short films celebrating physicality in art and sport will be aired, including Falling by directors Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer of Montréal’s Mouvement Perpétuel. This particular work features contemporary dance artist Jeff Hall and his journey to regain his physicality after a life changing fall. As described on containR’s website, Falling “gives us a peek into the emotion, the struggle and the pure intent of focus that can bring a man back from such a thing […] The film celebrates this history of the body, the challenge of losing then re-finding mobility, and the subversive, absurd and sometimes tragic ways physicality weaves itself through our lives.”Check your local listings to confirm:March 5th: 8pm ET or 5pm PT on Bravo!.March 6th: 6:30pm PT and 11pm PT on ‘A’ on Vancouver IslandMarch 6th: 6:30pm ET on ‘A’ in Barrie, London, Windsor, & WinghamMarch 6th: 11pm ET on ‘A’ in Ottawa

Learn more: containR

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