Evi Strasser

Dancing with Action Tyme By Julye Huggins
Action Tyme

As The Dance Current prepares to launch our new website, our Feet First campaign highlights a variety of fun foot facts and themes. En vogue today are horse prances – a familiar foot warm-up for some that pointed us to actual horses.”Horse ballet, or ‘dressage’, is an athletic equestrian sport where horses execute a ‘choreographed’ series of pre-determined movements, such as flying changes or even a pirouette.” - The Dance Current, Feet First email, April 3, 2013Let’s take a look at what some of our Canadian dressage athletes are up to. Just last month, Evi Strasser (riding Action Tyme) and Tanya Strasser-Shostak (riding Dancing Tyme) earned second and first place ribbons for their mother-daughter Pas de Deux at the International Horse Sport Palm Beach Dressage Derby. Following their successes, they brought their duet to the Challenge of the Americas, held in Florida on March 9th, to help raise funds for breast cancer research. This video highlights Evi Strasser, an Olympian dressage rider and a longtime Canadian National Team member, and her mount Action Tyme, a twelve-year-old International Grand Prix horse.
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