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Enter the Shabu

Toronto B-Girl Movement documents their trip to New York City for the Queen B-Girl competition By Emma Kerson

This fun travel video, ENTER THE SHABU, by Caerina Abrenica follows four members of the Toronto’s B-Girl Movement as they head to the Big Apple for the second annual Queen B-Girl competition at the EXPG Studio. The all-female competition includes one-on-one bgirl battles and an all-female, all-styles cypher battle. According to the Queen B-Girl, they are “for B-Girls, by B-Girls.”

The intrepid Canadian bgirls head to New York City for a sense of adventure, their first chance to visit the city (for some) and a chance to bug out. Through the lens of this personal video, we get a taste of the city, the culture and the food. But it’s hard to be a tourist for too long before the energy of the city takes over and gets them dancing.

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