Energetic Feats

Nyata Nyata in Mozongi By Emma Kerson
MozongiVideo courtesy of Zab Maboungou
Video courtesy of Zab Maboungou


Mozongi, by the Montreal-based Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, is an energetic physical feat of unrelenting movement. The group piece, originally from 1997, was restaged by the company in 2014. The work was choreographed by artistic director Zab Maboungou and danced by Karla Etienne, Jennifer Morse, Mithra Rabel, Gabriella Parson, Raphaëlle Perreault, George Stamos and Mafa Makhubalo, with live music by Elli Miller-Maboungou and Bruno Martinez. Nyata Nyata boasts a solid base in research, creation and teaching, resting on Maboungou’s expansive knowledge of musical forms and dances of the Congo and Central Africa. With a choreographic voice landing between the traditional and the modern, her artistic vision also draws from her research and teaching of philosophy. 

Now in their 30th anniversary season, Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata will be offering an intensive from June 27 to July 8.

>> For more info visit nyata-nyata.org

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